When you are buying your home I House San Diego promises to add value to your transaction by finding you the right home at the right price without headache. When you hire us you get more than you would with the run of the mill real estate firm.  We are experts in San Diego’s real estate market.  We bring experience and and an education to table that is unmatched to the typical real estate broker.

Who Are We?

We are broker/attorneys who care about our clients.  We have spent several years obtaining the education and experience that makes the depth and breath of our service unmatched by the average real estate professional.  We understand the importance of purchasing a home and we will protect you every step of the way.

What We Offer

  1. A professional who understands each aspect of the business including title, insurance, easements, financing, law, encumbrances, local codes, code enforcement, local policy, market trends, escrow, fiduciary duties, probate, etc.;
  2. With a great understanding of investments, tax and disclosure principles including 1031 exchanges as well as the personal tax benefits one can receive from home ownership;
  3. A team that keeps on top of the market in terms of marketing and pricing;
  4. Latest news, trends, financing and prospective opportunities;
  5. Solid real estate business relationships including lenders, escrow, title personnel to finish your transaction;
  6. Solid professional relationships that could help you in the future; and
  7. A relationship with your Realtor based on trust, confidence and satisfaction of service.

Smooth Transaction

We will keep your transaction as streamlined as possible finding the most up to date listings, easy electronic signatures and property reports that are more comprehensive than our competitors.  We are where high tech meets low tech, friendly, face to face tradition with real time speed.  We will explain every process before it becomes an issue.  When it comes to timing, each step will be strategically planned to reduce stress on the timeline for contingencies and will anticipate any problems we may have.

Real Estate Agent for Life

Our service does not stop at closing.  We will be available for you for as long as we are around with any issue you have with your home.  If we cannot answer your question we will know where to go to find a solid and trustworthy answer.  We want to be your Real Estate Agent for Life.

We will provide:

  • Market reports
  • Contract assistance
  • Risk management and inspection assistance
  • Electric signing
  • Real time listings and updates
  • Comparative market analysis
  • Resources to other professionals who are trusted in the business
  • Resources to understanding the benefits of home ownership
  • Due diligence support
  • Continuing education for our clients

We promise to cover every area of a real estate transaction and are constantly learning more about your neighborhood, home inspection, construction, building codes, new legislation, HOA issues, historical designation, the Mills Act, appraisals and valuations, disclosures, title, escrow, lending, timing and disclosure issues, using new technologies, green living, grey water, solar energy, solar liens, lien understanding, insurance, title issues, general ability for problem solving and identifying potential problems before it is too late.

We want to provide you comprehensive service so that you don’t have any unnecessary headaches and so this process is as smooth as possible.

Homes are for simply living and we want you to simply live.